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We’re Foster Parents!

Some may say my heart is too big, but I say it’s just right and we need more people in this world with hearts too big. I have been wanting to foster dogs for a little while now, but the time just never seemed right. We have such a busy household with two little boys running around like crazy, Art and I both work from home and he needs a quiet house most of the day. We don’t have a big yard or a fence. Did I mention that we have one crazy Labradoodle and a Chihuahua who both are still working on manners? What am I thinking, right? Well, none of this matters to me. There are so many dogs that need help and I want to help them! Simple as that!

After rescuing Jerry (crazy little Chihuahua), I just knew that I had to do my part. I saw just how much these guys needed love and attention and were so deserving of it. I came across Chihuahua Rescue and Transport on FB and there was no turning back. I filled out my application, had a home visit and I was ready to go. I had two little boys that were so excited for this new adventure and one husband that was not, but none the less very supportive. I got the first email that there were three dogs that were abandoned in Chicago that needed foster homes immediately. Without hesitation, I said I would take one. My mom and I drove to Dayton to pick up my first Foster dog, Jojo. There he was in his crate, two little beady eyes looking through the metal not making a peep. We had no clue what was kind of temperament was behind those little bars. I was so nervous and so excited to meet this little guy. We got home, opened the crate and out came the sweetest most loving little man that instantly stole my heart. JoJo was very malnourished and didn’t even know what to do when I put food in front of him. Within a week he was eating like a champ. I cried and cried at the thought of having to give this guy up. I thought, maybe this foster thing isn’t for me. I can’t handle this. I was very dedicated and determined to find this guy the best home possible even thought of him leaving broke my heart. Jojo was with us for exactly 1 month. I handed him to his perfect forever family, got in my car and ugly cried the entire way home.

That same day without giving me anytime to think, I got an email from the rescue coordinator telling me that there was a dog that needed removed from him current home.  Off to Mansfield I went to pick up Sid. Sid was in a very loving home, but was suffering from Littermate Syndrome. As hard as it was for his family to let him go, it was the best decision for him. Sid was hilarious! He was fun and playful and so loving! I knew I’d find him a home quickly. Within 2 weeks I was driving Sid to Cleveland to meet his forever family! I see now my place in fostering. My place is to love these little guys and girls as much as I can while I have them and teach them all that I can so they can find their forever. If I want to make a difference, I have to let them go and I realize that  now.

If you’ve ever had an interest in fostering, I would be happy to answer any questions for you! Research and reach out to a local rescue. They are always looking for fosters!



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