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LOVE – Just when you need it the most.

I’m going to get pretty personal tonight. I have always been one to speak my mind. When I love your outfit or your teeth, I will tell you. If you love my shoes, I’ll tell you where I got them and how much they were. True story….Art and I were signing the paperwork for my car and while sitting in the finance guys office I took it upon myself to tell him what nice teeth he had. I thought it was completely normal and Art wanted to crawl into a hole. He said the guy probably thought I was hitting on him and I looked at it completely different. Art is not a jealous guy, he just thought it was so weird that I would say that out loud. Dude had amazing teeth and he needed to know it! I made his day a little bit brighter and that’s what life is all about.  I truly believe that kind words make the world a better place and every single one of us needs to hear them every so often. I’ve been on this Photography journey now for 9 years. That’s quite a long time when I say it out loud. When I look back at where I started and how my business and talent has grown it does nothing but put a huge smile on my face. It feels so good to do what you love. It really does! Just like any job though, there are times where you just want to throw in the towel. The past few months I’ve really been soul searching and trying to figure out where my heart was leading me. I love being home with the boys all week, but now that they’re older it’s so hard to miss all the weekend activities. This past weekend while I was shooting a wedding, Leo scored his first goal. I’ve been dreaming about this moment for 2 years and the one game I miss this year he scores. How can this happen? Thankfully, Britt and I were in the car traveling to our next location when I heard the news because I started to cry. It absolutely killed me that I missed it. Nothing and I mean nothing brings me more joy than my boys. I don’t want to miss a thing! I’ve really thought about getting a simple part time job that would allow me to work during the week while the kids are at school and that’s it. Really simplify my life. I really like to create craziness. I work, I’m a full time mom, I’m very involved in rescue and I’m very involved in the kids school. I’m constantly creating business.

Fast forward to today. I received a little love on Facebook from one of my best friends. She took the time out of her own business to write this sweet little note on my wall.

I was going through some older photos today and I just want you to know that the majority of the photos that showcased some of the most beautiful moments came from your sessions with my kids. You’re ability to provide memories of times in lives that are the most precious to parents is priceless and I thank you so much for giving that to me! Love you!

This is all it took to remind me why I love Photography and why I can’t stop. This is why I do it! I burst into tears after I read this little note. It reminded me that my heart is so into my photography business and all the families that I see every year. It’s just what I needed! I encourage each and every one of you to speak up! Give compliments! I read a quote once that said “happiness is free, sprinkle that shit everywhere.” I say “love is free, sprinkle that shit everywhere.” You never know what someone else is dealing with. Don’t just think it, say it!



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